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 We are building a veterinary experience   focused on what cats need 

 Cats Love Us. Here's Why: 

Our cats help to get us through our stressful moments. That’s why we owe it to our fabulous felines to help them through theirs.

A traditional trip to the vets can be traumatic for cats. Cats live in a world of overlapping scents, so being surrounded by unfamiliar smells and noises, intimidated by inquisitive dogs and handled unceremoniously by time-pressured vets can be very stressful indeed.

We knew we could do better and that’s why we founded SimplyCats, the only exclusively feline veterinary practice in the North East of England.

Every aspect of our service is designed to make your cat feel at ease, from our feline-friendly facilities, to the passion and expertise of every member of our cat-crazy team. Quite simply, when you concentrate on one thing, you become very good at it!

We provide a quiet, tranquil cats-and-owners-only waiting area, and longer consultations of up to 30 minutes to allow both cat and owner to relax, as well as full clinical examinations and discussion of problems. We are based at a single site, so all of our investigations can be done in one place, from radiography to dental surgery, blood pressure checks to blood sampling.

Our hospitalisation facilities minimise stress by providing roomy accommodation with access to hiding places and perches, allowing our patients to express their natural behaviour. Calming pheromone diffusers are used throughout the practice.

Our founders, Dr Sarah Middleton and Dr Paul Proctor dreamed of creating a veterinary practice cats would be happy to visit when they launched SimplyCats in 2009. We’re proud to say we believe we’ve done just that – and the International Society of Feline Medicine agrees, awarding us their highest possible, gold standard accreditation.

If you want to give your little cuddle partner a stress-free veterinary experience, we hope to see you soon.

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 Take a Virtual Tour 

Don't just take our word for it . . .  have a look around our super facilities for yourself!

 We are building a veterinary experience focused on what cats need 

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