Vet Services Overview

SimplyCats is a fully functioning veterinary clinic.
Our services are summarized below with a more detailed list available here:


We aim to offer all cat owners a special veterinary service. During a 15-minute consultation there will be time to listen to your queries and to discuss the answers regarding your cat’s health.

We believe the longer consultation time is essential to offer a quality veterinary service and includes topics as listed below.

  1. Everyday advice on your cat’s welfare.
  2. A friendly and sympathetic service when your cat is ill or injured.
  3. Discuss all aspects of worming and flea control relevant to your individual cat .


Registration – We are happy to register you on line before bringing your cats to the clinic, this can save time and stress for the cats. If you would like to do this please click here to complete the registration form and hand it in at the clinic.




Consultations of at least 15 minutes to allow both cat and owner to relax, allow a full clinical examination, discussion of problems and arrange a treatment plan for each individual case.


Nursing clinics


Fully trained and qualified veterinary nurses are available for special clinics. They will be able to spend time with you and your cat to answer your queries and give advice in their areas of special knowledge. Where appropriate they will be able to refer your cat to the veterinary surgeon for further advice.

  1. Dental clinics
    Offering up-to-date advice and treatment for oral health which can be a  significant problem in many cats .
  2. Older cat clinics
    Older cats need special care. Our older cat clinic will offer advice on detecting and treating the common ailments of senior cats (eight years plus) to extend their healthy years.
  3. Weight clinics
    Up to 30% of cats in the UK are overweight. We can help to shed the excess pounds, increasing the health and the happiness of your pet.

Please contact us for further advice.




Vaccinations are an important part of taking care of your cat, offering protection against many life-threatening or unpleasant conditions.

We offer a tailor made vaccination programme designed specifically for the individual needs of your cat. Please ask a vet or nurse at SimplyCats for more information.

We offer vaccinations against:

– Cat Flu
– Feline Infectious Enteritis
– Feline Leukaemia
– Chlamydia
– Rabies

Transmission of Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) requires cat to cat contact so provided a house cat does not contact any other cats FeLV can be omitted from the vaccination protocol.

Kittens should be vaccinated at 9 and 12 weeks of age and receive yearly boosters. The kitten will be protected at least 1 week after the 2nd injection. As cats get older, the annual health check provided as part of the vaccination procedure becomes more and more important in picking up problems and elderly cats that contract preventable infections can be affected more seriously than younger animals.

Please see here for further information on vaccinating your cat.


Neutering is a surgical procedure which prevents female cats (queens) becoming pregnant and male cats (toms) mating and making females pregnant.

– A female cat is spayed – her uterus and ovaries are removed.

– A male cat is castrated – his testes are removed.

Neutering has many health benefits, as well as helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats.

Cats Protection offer vouchers to subsidise the cost of neutering, please contact your local Cats Protection branch on 0191 3860902




We have computed radiography (X-Ray) in practice which enables us to produce high quality images.

Computed radiography removes the need for processing of x-ray films, therefore images are instantly available for examination and visible on computer screens. They provide superior image quality and images can be defined on screen to enhance image quality.


Dental X-Rays


We offer dental radiography (X-Ray) in practice. Two thirds of our cats teeth are beneath the gums and not visible. Dental radiographs assist in a diagnosis and assessment of the teeth, surrounding soft tissue, joints and the bone. Dental radiographs can also reveal foreign bodies, cysts and tumours. Cats can get very specific painful conditions involving the roots that can be assessed accurately using radiography. Please see here for further information on cat dentistry.


In House Blood Testing


We have an in-house laboratory to enable us to run certain blood tests within the practice for immediate results.

In just minutes, we receive a thorough and accurate picture of your cat’s health status—so we can explain your findings to you, enabling us to to rule out any abnormalities discuss recommendations and confidently begin treatment. We can also run pre-anaesthetic blood tests in house. If your pet has a pre-existing problem, for example with their liver or kidneys, then this may get worse because of the effect off the anaesthetic so by running the pre-anaesthetic blood test we are able to identify such problems and re-evaluate our plans on an individual basis.

Our in house laboratory allows:

– Better medicine – diagnosis before treating and before administering anesthesia
– Better emergency care – immediate results for immediate treatment
– Better diagnosis – immediate recheck of abnormal results
– Better time management – direct client feedback in one visit
– Better client service – solutions in one trip
– Better Pre Anaesthetic assesment of our patients 



Ultrasound Scans


Ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound can show moving images.

Ultrasound is both painless to the patient and it does not emit radiation, we rarely have to sedate patients for an ultrasound scan, however this is sometimes required due to other procedures being carried out or to minimise stress to your cat.

To perform the ultrasound scan an area of hair must be clipped, this is to allow optimum contact between the probe and the skin to show the clearest image.

We offer ultrasound scans for pregnancy diagnosis, this is an accurate technique from approximately 4-5 weeks after mating. We may be able to tell approximate numbers in a litter, but this number cannot be guaranteed.


Blood Pressure Monitoring


We have a blood pressure monitoring system in practice. Accurate blood pressure monitoring is n essential part of modern cat medicine especially in older cats.

High blood pressure is common in cats with

href=”” target=”_blank”>Chronic Renal Failure

and can cause

further damage to the kidneys and other organs such as the heart and the eyes.


Flea Treatment


We offer Broadline, Comfortis and Frontline Combo as our recommended flea treatments.

Broadline is a topical, spot-on product for the control against flea and worm infestation. Broadline should be applied every 4 weeks, thus leaving longer between treatments ensuring your cat is as stress free as possible. It helps to prevent flea and worm infestation and controls an existing problem. Your cat will need to have been seen at SimplyCats within the last year before we can dispense Broadline, this is to ensure we have checked your cat over and ensure that Broadline is suitable.


Frontline Combo is a topical, spot on product for the control and prevention against fleas and their eggs. Frontline Combo should be applied monthly.


Worming Treatment


We offer Profender and Milbemax as our recommended worming treatments.

Profender is a topical, spot on product for the prevention and treatment against roundworms and tapeworms. Applying Profender is much easier than giving your cat a worming tablet. It is difficult to be certain that your cat has actually swallowed a worming tablet, as we all know they often manage to spit them out as soon as your turn away. Applying Profender is also much less stressful than trying to give your cat a tablet. We recommend worming your cat every 3 months. If your cat is a regular hunter we advise worming monthly due to the increased risk of tapeworm and roundworm of infected prey. If your cat is an indoor cat we recommend worming at least once a year.

Milbemax is a worming tablet for the treatment and prevention against worms. Milbemax should be given at least every 3 months.

Please note: If you are using a spot-on wormer and a spot-on flea treatment, we recommend leaving a 2 week gap between applying the flea treatment and the worming treatment. However if you are giving a worming tablet with a spot on treatment this can be given at the same time. Please see here for further information on cat parasites.




Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification.

A microchip contains an identification number unique to your cat, this number is then registered on a national database, an authorised person such as members of staff at SimplyCats or re-homing centres will then scan your cat, obtain your unique number and contact the national database, we can then obtain your contact details from the database.

Microchipping increases the chances of a lost cat being safely reunited with its owner and unlike a collar; a microchip doesn’t come off or put the cat at risk of injury.

A microchip is slightly smaller than a grain of rice and inserted under the cats skin between the shoulder blade. It is a quick and simple procedure, which is no more painful than an injection. Your cat will not be aware of the microchip after implantation.

Please remember to update your microchip details if you move house or change any contact details.

Please ask us at Simply Cats for more information on microchipping or to book an appointment.


A price list of our standard procedures is available on request and we will always provide a quote for non-standard procedures before doing any work.

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In an emergency please try to phone the clinic ahead of your arrival if at all possible, this will enable staff to be ready to attend to your cat immediately!

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