Morag’s Weight Journey

My partner and I rehomed Morag in October of 2020 and she had been living in a breeding home. Her days were spent with breeding queens and kittens and despite being an active bright cat she was a little rotund. After advice from one of the SimplyCats nurses, we examined her food intake; before rehoming,…

Christmas Dangers…

Christmas Dangers…

Christmas is a time of joy for many… full of time spent with family, parties (possibly not so much this year!), decorations and presents. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday swirl without remembering that our feline companions may not find Christmas such a fun time! When celebrating this year keep these hazards…

The Importance of Healthcare Plans

  We share an essential priority with you – to keep your cat/cats happy and healthy. When your cat is unwell, we are here to act promptly and effectively to treat them. However, we also sincerely believe that prevention is better than cure. Looking after their healthcare needs all year round prevents illness. We have…

Senior Care For Cats

Senior Care For Cats

Senior Care For Cats Many of our cats will live into their mid to late teens and some even into their twenties. Their ancestor the African Wild cat doesn’t have a supportive social structure, so cats are expert at hiding weakness or illness. This means that our cats will hide signs of illness despite pain…

Feline Obesity

Feline Obesity

What is feline obesity? The ancestors of our cuddly cats hunted day and night to feed themselves. No comfortable beds, food deliveries or treats for them! Our privileged pets are far less active, roaming and hunting less. As a result, 30-40% of pet cats in the UK are overweight. Cats are overweight when they are…


The Team at SimplyCats Vet Clinic are doing all they can to safeguard their clients and others who visit the practice during this Coronavirus National Emergency. We will try to keep the document below updated as best we can. Information will also be on our Facebook Page PRACTICE UPDATE: As with everyone, our world has…

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