All you need to know about our Geriatrics Trial!

All you need to know about our Geriatrics Trial!

The Geriatrics Trial

Here at SimplyCats we are able to offer you the chance to take part in a new geriatrics trial! This trial is open to those kitties who are over 12 years old and have no pre-existing conditions. In this trial we are provided with a very big picture of your cats health from their blood sample. Included in the tests are kidney and liver screening, and tests for hyperthyroidism and diabetes, as well a blood pressure check!

The Process

You can book your cat in for a 30 minute nurse appointment at a time which suits you. In this appointment we gather some information from yourself about how your cat is at home, including diet type.

We then take your cat to our quiet prep area to perform testing. Our first test is blood pressure, which the nurses measure using a cuff (similar to in human blood pressure monitoring) 


A blood sample is then taken, which is sent away to the lab for testing. . We take blood samples from the jugular vein in the neck, after applying a local anaesthetic cream to the skin, to make the process as pain free as possible! In the practice we perform a spot glucose check by taking a spot of blood from the ear, and this can indicate diabetes


The Results

We get results back in 24 hours from sending them to the lab, and are then able to report them to yourself. This will have highlighted any abnormalities, or show as completely normal for your cat!

Contact us at: if you have any questions, or call the practice on 01913859696.

And please book in!

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