Cat Talk | Mewsletter

Cat Talk | Mewsletter

From November 2020 we are now producing a new-look monthly e-mail Mewsletter for our clients… the idea is to select a number of articles each month that we think our clients & subscribers will be interested in and these posts will have a direct link to how your cat thinks and his/her well being.

We sincerely believe the most important aspect of living in harmony with your cat is understanding how he or she thinks and keeping him or her healthy. You have to get inside your cat’s mind. Remember neither of these topics are easy with cats… they see the world very differently to you and I and they tend to disguise ill health very well. These two points highlight both the joys and challenges of being cat vets!!

To sign up to receive the Mewsletter please call the practice on 0191 385 9696, email or sign up on the website. Remember this mailing is totally free and you can unsubscribe at any time, using the link at the foot of the Mewsletter.

We have listed November’s edition of the Mewsletter below for you to view at your leisure. Just click the link and the mewsletter will open in your web browser. We hope you enjoy it and any suggestions for future editions are always welcome.  

SimplyCats January 2021 Mewsletter Click here: January Mewsletter
SimplyCats December 2020 Mewsletter Click here: December Mewsletter

SimplyCats November 2020 Mewletter Click here: November Mewsletter
Older style Mewsletters from previous years…

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