Pru’s Dental Day

Pru’s Dental Day

Pru’s Dental Day 

Amy, our nurse, has been in a big dilemma about booking Prudence in for dental treatment. Even though Prudence was still eating fine, and didn’t seem to be in pain, the vet advised that she should have dental treatment. This was because she had some gingivitis.
Prudence finally got brought in, after much stress and worry, for her dental day!
Pru was made very cosy and comfortable in the morning, then it was time for the procedure. Knowing she was in amazing and very capable hands, the procedure itself was not stressful at all, it had just been the build up causing worry!
To the eye, it was hoped that Prudence would just need a quick scale and polish and she’d be done in a flash, but digital X-Rays revealed more!
Prudence only had one canine tooth left, and an X-Ray of the tooth root showed it needed to come out. Had we not have had dental X-Ray, this could have caused a problem at a later date. This could have meant she would need another dental at some point.
The white line in the picture below shows what is hidden below the gum. As you can see, where the gum has exposed the root, it is around one third of what it should be, and would definitely cause a problem.


Many owners often worry that cats will struggle to eat dry food when they have had teeth removed. Prudence is living proof that cats don’t need all of their teeth, as she only has 4 teeth left!.. She still manages to eat her dry food in record speed though!
We use a local anaesthetic injected into the gums, as well as pain relief, for a more comfortable mouth on recovery. Within an hour of waking up, Prudence was tucking into some tuna and eating with ease.
Many thanks to everyone at SimplyCats from a very happy post-op Prudence and a very relieved Cat Mam, for the best standard of care you give to all of our pets!

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