Singapura Personality

The Singapura are affectionate, and outwardly friendly, no one is a stranger to them. They are however very quiet cats, with soft gentle voices. They love human company.

They make perfect housecats with no need or interest in going outside. They are very small in size. Singapuras are gentle cats, but they are also playful and remain so, throughout their lives – even  older cats enjoy a good game.

Singapura are mischievous and inquisitive, meaning that they will investigate anything thoroughly. They are very quick witted, able to adapt and learn, intelligent, lightning fast and genuinely tough and hardy. They get on well with children and other pets.


Singapura Coat and Colours

Singapura’s have a ticked sepia coat. They come in one colour brown/beige referred to as either brown ticked agouti or sepia agouti. The Singapura’s  eyes can be bold green or amber. The coat is short and silky and doesn’t require a lot of grooming.

Singapura History

Singapura originated on the the streets of Singapore and were sometimes referred to as the ‘Drain Cat’ of Singapore. Singapura is the Malaysian name for Singapore.

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