Stacey’s day of anxiety

So Geoffey’s day of neutering was finally here and I have to admit I have become a neurotic mother. 

Having to starve her from the night before was very hard. I felt terrible about it especially when she looked up at me with her big eyes and cried “mammy why you starve me?” At that point I had to go to bed so as not to have to hear her pleas.

The morning of her surgery she looked at me as if she was about to die of starvation so I quickly put her in her carrier and placed her out of view… the guilt was killing me at this point!

We arrived at work and I settled Geoffey into her kennel. Lucie & Amy were going to be in charge of her procedure today so although at this point I was feeling very sick with worry I knew deep down that she was in the best of hands.

Op time began and Lucie very wisely told me to leave prep area and not come back until it was over! She knew that something I watch every day would be so much harder for me when I knew it was my own.

Nerves were very much on edge now.

I busied myself with other tasks for a while… waiting for prep room door to open, all the while feeling sick to my stomach. Thinking to myself “why am I putting her through this it’s not fair on her”, then the sensible voice chips in saying “you’re preventing her from having any future problems not to mention an unwanted litter of kittens”!

Lucie pops her head through to where I’m sitting and I jump up and run to see Geoffey coming around from her anaesthetic, elated that everything has gone to plan, and she’s warm and comfortable, already lifting her head up to see me!

We here at SimplyCats totally understand what you are going through when you leave your cat here for a procedure, and as you can see from what you’ve read we go through the same sense of guilt and worry that you all do! But rest assured we treat all your cats and kittens like they’re our own!

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