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Earth Day 2022

Friday the 22nd is Earth Day Here are some ways that you and your furry friends can make a difference.

1. Try and recycle your cat food sachets. We are no longer able to accept them at the practice but most large supermarkets will take them through their soft plastic recycling schemes as long as they're washed.

2. Reduce your packaging waste by buying in larger quantities; buying food in bulk reduces the impact of individual packaging and also can save you a few pounds here and there.

3. Consider low waste or plastic free options for your cat food. There are several suppliers both locally and nationally that offer low waste or plastic free cat food.

4. Use steel dishes and scoops rather than plastic for their food. Not only does this reduce difficult to recycle short life products but steel bowls also minimise the risks of chin acne.

5. Use an earth friendly litter for what comes out the other end! Recycled litters from renewable plant based sources or made from composted corn kernels are highly recommended.

If you have a hot composter you are also able to compost all your cat waste as the heat in the composter will degrade any nasties!

If you don't have a hot composter you can put any non soiled litter in your regular compost and dispose of the soilings in biodegradable bags in your everyday waste.

6. Reduce the number of times you need to use pesticide treatment by taking advantage of screening programmes depending on your cats lifestyle.

Indoor and low risk cats may be able to be treated chemically less frequently. This can be monitored by using services which analyse the feces to determine if there are any worm eggs present.


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