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 Gold standard services for cats 

Our friendly practice in Houghton-le-Spring has received the highest possible accreditation from the Institute of Feline Medicine declaring us a gold standard cat-friendly practice. 

Our practice is fully equipped with a laboratory, digital x-rays and surgical theatre to ensure that your cat receives the very best care possible. 

Gold standard services for cats 


It is important that you maintain your cat’s protection against potentially life-threatening diseases through vaccination.

Cat Food Pouch Recycling

The SimplyCats Pet Food Recycling Programme allows us to recycle your cats plastic food packaging and prevent it from ending up in landfill.

Fleas, Worms & Ticks

It is likely that your cat will encounter pesky parasites at some point in their lives, but we’re here to help to keep them away!


Healthy teeth and gums are crucial for keeping your cat happy, fit and active.

Nurse Clinics

Our highly trained, qualified “cat-vocate” nurses can help to keep your cat happy and healthy, offering dental, senior and weight clinics.


We have x-ray, ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring facilities to help with speedy diagnosis of under-the-weather felines.


Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification.


Our 30 minute consultations give our patients time to relax to allow more detailed clinical examination, and facilitate greater discussion between our vets and clients.


Spaying and castration has many health and behavioural benefits – as well as preventing any unexpected new arrivals!

Cat Insurance

We strongly recommend you take out insurance for your cat as soon as possible, to assist with unexpected veterinary fees.

In-House Laboratory

Analysis of results in-house allows for faster diagnosis and better outcomes for our patients.

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