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In-House Laboratory

Analysis of results in-house allows for faster diagnosis and better outcomes for our patients.
In-House Laboratory

We have an in-house laboratory to enable us to run blood tests within the practice for immediate results meaning we can explain our findings, discuss recommendations and confidently begin treatment.

We can also run pre-anaesthetic blood tests in-house. If your cat has an underlying problem, for example with their liver or kidneys, then this may get worse because of the effect of the anaesthetic, so by running a test beforehand we are able to identify such problems and re-evaluate our plans on an individual basis.

Our in house laboratory allows:

● Better medicine – diagnosis before treating and before administering anaesthesia

● Better emergency care – immediate results for immediate treatment

● Better diagnosis – immediate recheck of abnormal results

● Better time management – direct client feedback in one visit

● Better client service – solutions in one trip

● Better pre-anaesthetic assessment of our patients

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