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We have x-ray, ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring facilities to help with speedy diagnosis of under-the-weather felines.

Having extensive diagnostic facilities in-house helps us to accurately and speedily achieve diagnosis of any illness your cat may be facing.

We have invested in digital x-ray, enabling us to produce high quality images. Digital x-ray removes the need for the processing of x-ray films, meaning images are instantly available for examination by our team of professionals. They provide superior image quality and images can be defined on screen to enhance image quality.

We have a blood pressure monitoring system in practice. Accurate blood pressure monitoring is an essential part of modern cat medicine, especially in older cats. High blood pressure is common in cats with chronic renal failure and can cause further damage to the kidneys and other organs such as the heart and the eyes.

Ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound can show moving images. It is both painless to the patient and does not emit radiation, meaning we rarely have to sedate patients, although this is sometimes required due to other procedures being carried out or to minimise stress to your cat. To perform the scan an area of hair must be clipped to allow optimum contact between the probe and the skin. We offer ultrasound scans for pregnancy diagnosis, which is accurate from approximately four or five weeks after mating.

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