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Fleas, Worms & Ticks

It is likely that your cat will encounter pesky parasites at some point in their lives, but we’re here to help to keep them away!
Fleas, Worms & Ticks


Effective products should be used regularly to keep your cat and household free from fleas. One female flea can lay several hundred to several thousands of eggs in her lifetime!

If your cat doesn’t have fleas but you want to prevent them becoming infested then topical products should be used as they also provide some environmental protection to your home and your home should be sprayed at least once a year with an effective house spray.

We offer effective prescription flea control either as a spot on product applied to the skin or tablet form so can cater for all of your cat’s preferences. Our nurses can do this for you at our free nurse clinics if required.

Worming Treatment

The frequency of worming for your cat depends on their lifestyle.

No worming medication entirely prevents your cat from picking up worms and it must be repeated often enough to cope with re-infestation as it occurs.

Indoor cats free from fleas will only need worming every six to 12 months. However, actively hunting cats or those in households with small children need worming every one to three months and strict flea preventative treatment should be undertaken.

Worming treatments are available as spot on or tablet form and can be combined with flea prevention.

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