Simply Cats at Home FAQ

SimplyCats at home FAQ’s

We will add to this over time as we roll out this service and catch more and more of the commonly asked questions.

  • What is the cost of your home visits? – We charge £48.00 for a vet to visit your home & £30.00 for a nurse.  Any medications, procedures or tests will face an additional charge.
  • I have more than one cat, will I get a discount for additional cats? – £37.22 per extra cat on a vet visit and £18.00 on a nurse visit
  • If my cat needs an operation where will they be seen? – Your cat will be seen at our cat only practice which is based in Fencehouses, Houghton-le-Spring DH4 6LP.
  • How far do you travel? – We currently cover a 15-mile radius from our cat only practice at DH4 6LP
  • What days are the home visits available? – Initially, this pilot scheme will offer home visits Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm but we intend to extend this to early mornings, late evenings and weekends depending on response and vet/nurse availability.
  • My cat doesn’t like strangers in the house and I think she may hide, what should I do? – We always recommend placing your cat inside a small secure room like the bathroom shortly before we get there. In a small space like that, they do not attempt to run and get away from us and they tolerate their physical examination very easily.
  • Do you bring everything that will be required? – We endeavor to bring everything that is needed from the information we gained over the phone from yourself. We may need to bring a nurse depending on diagnostics required or the temperament of your cat. The cost for a vet and a nurse to attend is £68.
  • Will I be given an exact time for my appointment? – We will always try our very hardest to be with you for your appointment time, however, traffic and emergencies will play a big part in this. We will try to give you 3o minutes notice of all visits with a phone call from the clinic.
  • Is it possible to get an estimate of costs for treatment? – Yes. We will be happy to provide this before we visit. Or if during the visit we believe your cat requires additional treatment/procedure we will contact the surgery and have an estimate drawn up for you.
  • If treatment is required can this be claimed on my insurance? – As with all insurance policies, it depends on your excess and what conditions are covered. Our vets will be able to help you assess if the procedure or medication is eligible for a claim and advise accordingly.
  • How do I pay? – Initial consultation cost will be taken over the phone when booking your appointment. Any additional fees can be paid for at the time of consult.
  • Is it possible for the vet to prescribe and issue prescriptions? – Our vets will take care of all your pet’s prescriptions and either bring or have medications sent to your home for next day delivery. They can even provide the right paperwork if you’d like to take your prescription and get it fulfilled elsewhere.
  • Will I need to unregister from my current vet? – Not necessarily, although most of our clients do prefer to only be registered with us as we are a cat only practice.

How long is a consultation? – We recommend setting aside at least 15 minutes for your appointment, however, this may change depending on treatment required and we will take as long as necessary without extra charges being incurred

If you have any more questions you can ring the clinic during normal working hours on 0191 385 9696

You can also contact us through our online form CLICK Here

Clinic Opening Times & Consultation Periods   CLICK HERE

Clients Of The Clinic:

In the event of an out of hours emergency please contact the surgery on 0191 385 9696 and listen to the voice message to obtain the on call phone number.

In An Emergency:

In an emergency please try to phone the clinic ahead of your arrival if at all possible, this will enable staff to be ready to attend to your cat immediately!

Phone:       0191 385 9696

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